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"When you think about natural cosmetics, made by experts."

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Our Long-term work

From our love to nature and the passion to create – this is how LOVING ECO, a new brand of natural cosmetics, was born. Ms Zuzanna Kalman creates natural and organic cosmetics for years. It is not only her job, but most of all a great passion. She follows new cosmetic trends with big interest, seeks innovative ingredients and implements them in new products. She creates natural formulations, that women love.

Our Love to nature

Our cosmetics are designed in a way, that allows to use them also by vegans. They don’t contain animal derived ingredients, but only vegetable raw materials, that are obtained ethically and thus provide real benefits to your skin.

Our laboratory makes every effort to ensure, that our cosmetics are safe, and the customer is satisfied.

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What do we use in our cosmetics?

Certified organic ingredients

  • Bio-oils coming from organic crops
  • Organic vegetable extracts
  • Organic floral waters (distillates)

Natural mineral ingredients

  • Clays and minerals
  • Salts

Eco certified preservatives

  • Preservatives, allowed in
    natural cosmetics.

Raw materials obtained from palm oil certified by RSPO

  • Palm oil used by us is RSPO certified (The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), an organization, that promotes the responsible use of palm oil, with full social and environmental respect.

Natural fragrances

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"Lovingeco is an essence of our needs for a healthy, youthful appearance and well-being."

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